K12 Announces Their International Clubs

Box Tops for Education 

AZVA is collecting any of the BOXTOPS for Education certificates.  These do not just come on cereals; you can find them on many items that you regularly purchase.  Anytime you see this certificate, cut it out on the dotted lines and you can make money for our school.  You can also visit the official website: www.boxtops4education.com   Please send them to the address below, or drop them off a one of the Blended Learning Centers.   AZVA Phoenix Office 99 E. Virginia Ave. #200 Phoenix, AZ 85004


McKinney Vento Announcement

The McKinney Vento Act of 1987, or P.L. 100-77, ensures that each child of a homeless individual, and each homeless youth shall have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education as provided to other children and youth. Under the Act, schools are prohibited from delaying a homeless child’s entry into school due to delays in obtaining school records. Rules regarding guardianship must be waived for homeless students living with foster Learning Coaches or relatives other than their legal guardians.

Determining eligibility:

Determinations of qualifying students are made on a case-by-case basis.

Housing is

(1) Temporary subject to change without notice (Not stationary, fixed, permanent, regular or adequate)

a. Typically moving from place to place, doubled-up with another family, Housing is substandard or considered inadequate within the context (car, park, trailer, street, abandoned building, hotel, shelter, campground)


(2) Due to hardship (medical, economic, physical, or similar reasons) with no other adequate accommodations

Please contact Brie Pitta at [email protected], 602-476-1320 X209.

All-School Information


Kelly Van Sande, Head of School

[email protected]

Sarah Alexander, Deputy Head of School 

Brook Mosley-Schubert, AZVA/ISAZ SE Manager

[email protected]

Veronica Murray, AZVA High School Principal

[email protected]

Melody Williamson, AZVA Middle School Principal

[email protected]

Kimberly Young, AZVA Elementary School Principal

[email protected]

Patricia Hodge, Academic Administrator, Blended Learning Programs

[email protected]

Kathy Roddy, Academic Administrator, Kingman Blended Learning Center

[email protected]

Banji Judge, AZVA/ISAZ

Community Liaison

[email protected]


School Information

Arizona Virtual Academy/Insight Academy of Arizona

99 East Virginia Avenue, 

Suite 200, Phoenix, AZ  85004


602.476.1320 extension 0

Available: M-F 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

 (24-hour response turn-around)

Did You Know???

Change of address or phone number? Send the new information with your name, new address and/or new phone number to [email protected]

Tax Credit donations? Contact LaVonne Brown 602-476-1320 ext.212

Transcript or record requests?

Please contact

AZVA HS Mellissa Lilo-  [email protected]

AZVA K-8  Hector Moreno - [email protected]

Insight Anessa Gordon - [email protected]

K12 Support

K12 Customer Care 1-866-K12-CARE (1-866-512-2273) Option 1

K12 Technical Support 1-866-K12-CARE

(1-866-512-2273) Option 2

For questions regarding:

  • Course Materials
  • Online School
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Class Connect Sessions

Contact K12 customer support available 24/7:

ONLINE: http://help.k12.com/
PHONE: 866.512.2273