GIFTED Parent Talks - online

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Tuesday November 27, 2018 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Monthly on the fourth Tuesday, until March 28, 2019

Join Becky Cuperus, Gifted Teacher, as she hosts online Gifted Parent Talk Sessions each month.  These online sessions will explore different topics related to gifted and advanced learners.  These sessions will be held in a Blackboard Collaborate room, please RSVP for the link:

1. Tuesday, October 23, 6 – 7pm  -  Six Types of Giftedness 

In this first session, participants will learn about six different types of gifted learners: the successful, the challenging, the underground, the dropouts, the double labeled, and the autonomous learner. Participants will identify characteristics of his/her own child and then use the characteristics to identify which gifted learner profile best matches the child. Other topics.

2. Tuesday, November 27, 6 – 7pm - 2. Gifted Testing

In this second session, participants will become familiar with the CogAT assessment used to identify gifted students by taking a shortened adult version of the test. Discussion will include strengths, characteristics, and potential career choices for each of the identified areas of giftedness (i.e. verbal, quantitative, nonverbal).

3. Tuesday, January 22, 6 – 7pm - 3. Tips and Tools for Parents

In this third session, participants will look at interview questions presented to gifted and highly achieving students and the responses given by the students. Participants will read through given scenarios and discuss the six most common social/emotional characteristics and problems of gifted and highly achieving students.

4. Tuesday, February 26, 6 – 7pm - Supporting Your Gifted or Highly Advanced Learner at Home

In this fourth session, participants will use enticing visuals to learn about The Big Six (Clark and Segoe, 2007)…the six most common social and emotional needs of gifted and highly advanced learners. The presentation includes resources (i.e. books, movies, Facebook pages) for children that deal specifically with The Big Six.

5. Tuesday, March 26, 6 – 7pm -  Nonverbal Giftedness

In this fifth session, participants will explore the concept of nonverbal giftedness: What is it? How does it manifest? What strengths do students with nonverbal giftedness possess? What are some strategies that can be used to support these students? 

If you have questions, please contact Becky Cuperus at